Here’s a little throwback to last week when we took a group of international architects to Muze’um L, a private museum and contemporary piece of architecture which is situated on The Light Meridian, an imaginary line between the north pole and the south pole, connecting sites that are linked together by their reference to light.

The Muze’um L acts as a catalyst for creations of light, line and landscape. You can experience the great and daily slowly moving light in the patio and feel the warmth of the light at the amphitheater. Also, most of site-specific creations both outdoor and in indoor flourish at the right time.

From the sea the Light Meridian enters the European continent, right on the casino-light-house in Blankenberge, Belgium where it was officially inaugurated on July 21, 2016. It leaves the continent in Palamos / Spain via the “El Faro” light-house and on the road in Belgium, France and Spain it interconnects sites that are linked together by references to light.

The Light meridian enters Africa on exactly the future “Le grand musée d’Afrique” in Algiers with 14 ha botanical garden with seeds from all african regions. The exhibitions are highlighted, taking into account the time and the position of the sun.