Light for Offices and Communication

Users are at the heart of contemporary office concepts and hence interior design and office lighting. Intelligent lighting solutions help to increase people’s sense of well-being, to create identity and at the same time cut costs. Lighting solutions by Zumtobel create working conditions that make people feel good, thus motivating them and helping them concentrate on doing their job.

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Light for Education and Science

Light for Education and Knowledge that creates optimum learning conditions. Glare-free daylight, friendly colours, ergonomic furniture and flexible lighting solutions help produce adventure spaces that boost motivation to learn. A sensible combination of daylight and artificial lighting, thanks to intelligent control systems, decisively improves the perceived attractiveness of spaces and also makes it possible to fully exploit potential energy savings.

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Light for Presentation and Retail

Shopping is increasingly becoming a leisure activity that is influenced by centre-stage lighting solutions. Light is used in order to arouse emotions and create brand identities. When used intelligently, light has the potential to stimulate the propensity to purchase and boost sales. Zumtobel lighting solutions strike a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency.

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Light for Hotels and Wellness

A good hotel is a home from home. The way in which rooms are designed with materials, colours and light make a decisive contribution towards feeling at ease. Light that welcomes guests and caters for their desires and moods at the press of a button leaves guests with fond memories. It gives guests the impression of being valued, while saving energy and hence the environment.

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Light for Art and Culture

Using daylight, creating lighting scenes, setting accents. The task of light for art and culture is to illuminate works of art in a multifaceted, but gentle, manner and to lend structure to exhibitions. Choice lighting solutions by Zumtobel have features that are important for conservational lighting.

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Light for Health and Care

Light and colour play an important role in promoting health: Dynamic room scenes that mimic natural lighting conditions can enhance a sense of well-being and assist convalescence. Intelligent lighting management systems combined with flexible lighting solutions make it possible to simulate daylight-like lighting that is in harmony with human biorhythms.

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Light for care

Eyesight usually deteriorates markedly in old age. Consequences include reduced perception of depth and colour and poorer eye accommodation. A professional lighting solution that can be adapted to suit such circumstances can significantly improve quality of life in care facilities. It takes into account the fact that older people generally require more light and their increasing sensitivity to glare.

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Light for Industry and Engineering

The right lighting at the workplace helps to enhance staff members’ performance and motivation as well as their sense of well-being – this applies to shift workers in large industrial bays as well as to specific manufacturing areas. Used properly, an advanced lighting solution helps to optimise conditions at workstations in manufacturing bays, increasing motivation and preventing fatigue and, thus, industrial accidents.

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Light for industry and engineering: Metal working

Industrial luminaires have to resist dust, oils and lubricants every day, particularly when it comes to metal working. However, often the height of the applications means that they are rarely cleaned. As a result, the luminaires have to rely on special design principles and materials if they still want to provide an optimum performance in demanding environments. It goes without saying that industrial luminaries from Zumtobel have a higher degree of protection. Specially designed surfaces make it hard for dirt and foreign bodies to stick to them, reducing the cleaning work to a minimum. Luminaires made of PMMA are also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, oils and lubricants.

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Light for Outdoor and Architecture

Zumtobel wants to give people their nocturnal environment back by supporting the optimum quality of life and human experience. We offer a highly versatile toolbox of light, which empowers our partners to enhance outdoor spaces and architecture with thoughtful, adaptive, multi-layered lighting concepts that are tailored to human needs – solutions that model the space precisely with the right quality of light in the right place at the right time.

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Light for the house and the garden 2018

“Light for the house and the garden” is a selection of luminaires from our complete range, which are particularly suitable for the illumination of private environments. They provide stylish, carefully coordinated and high-quality lighting for linking outdoor spaces with indoor areas.

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BEGA Plug & Play The smart LED light system for illuminating your garden

BEGA Plug & Play is the smart LED light system for illuminating your garden. Simply position the portable luminaires in your garden, configure them with the comfortable BEGA Smart app and then switch and dim them individually by remote control.

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WiFi light building elements


BEGA WiFi light building elements are luminous and structure-forming components for public areas.These luminous design elements are needed for example in pedestrian zones or in public places in inner-city areas.These are the places where publicly accessible WiFi is in demand and almost taken for granted today. We havedesigned and developed the new BEGA WiFi light building elements specially for these requirements – bringinglight and WiFi together in one place.

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