Pars Idea Stack Engineering Company

Pars Idea Stack Engineering Co. is your lighting solution provider focusing on sustainability, in tight cooperation with you for conceptual & detailed design, product supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Providing you with sustainable lighting solution utilizing eco friendly products, artificial light and daylight management. We are honored to illuminate the ideas and bring your project to light.

Our services

Lighting system design:

  • Conceptual and detailed design of lighting systems providing an optimum solution considering sustainability credit categories and architectural point of views to perfectly meet the customer specific requirements.
  • Using ecoCALC software to calculate and analyze the economic efficiency of a lighting solution throughout its entire life cycle.
  • Professional lighting management system design with and without daylight management system.
  • Emergency lighting system design including exit signs, escape route illumination, supply system equipped with controlling and monitoring system.
  • Lighting calculation and visualization
  • Lighting system CAD drawing including the lighting fittings layout, ceiling cutouts and wiring system.


Product supply:

  • Providing the projects with lighting system and lighting control system items.


Installation, commissioning & maintenance:

  • Supporting the projects with qualified service staff for installation, commissioning & maintenance to ensure that the installations are performed correctly and commissioned reliably, efficiently and with due precision to guarantee maintaining of safety, lighting quality and energy efficiency during operation period and to cut the operating costs.